Audio: 1 Peter 3 – Sanctification in Marriage

Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor, The Village Church:
1 Peter 3 Sanctification in Marriage

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How are we? Let’s get to work. If you think about the words that the Scriptures use and the words that we use to describe what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross, there’s this really interesting pattern that develops. The Scriptures and we use the idea of reconciliation or that we are reconciled, and in it it’s this idea that at one time we had
relational purity with the Lord and now we don’t, and now the cross of Christ has
reconciled us to God. And if you look at the idea of redemption or being redeemed, it
was that we’ve somehow been kidnapped and He’s paid the ransom for us and has gotten
us back into right standing. There’s even the word “salvation” itself. In 1525 when
William Tyndale produced the first Greek New Testament, the word “salvation” was
actually translated to “health” or “a return to health.” It was this idea that in Jesus Christ
we were returning health, that we were sick and now we’re not. So there’s this idea in
the Scriptures when it comes to what Jesus did for us on the cross, He is returning us to
how He created the universe to be. We discussed that at length in earlier in this series,
and I do not have time to recap that today. We just talked last week about the fact that
there is no sacred/secular divide. That’s now how God sees the universe. It’s not that
church is sacred and economics, education, agriculture and all of that is secular. That is
an unbiblical way to see the world. God has put structures into place in all domains of
society. So direction becomes when we line ourselves up with how He designed things to

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