Tip of the Week – Communicating at a deeper level

Wonder why you and your husband aren’t intimately close? It’s not that hard to pinpoint.

The level of communication you have with each other equals a major part of your level of intimacy with each other.

Great communication takes effort and vulnerability. Gary Chapman, in his book, Now You’re Speaking My Language, mentions there are 5 levels of communication, but

Unfortunately, most couples never get beyond level 1 or 2 in their entire marriage.

This brings to mind John 10:10, ” the thief comes to kill. steal and destroy, and i have come to give you life and give it to you abundantly.” God designed marriage to be abundant, and the level of communication we have in our marriage plays a major role in this.

The five levels of communication from Now You’re Speaking My Language, :

Level 1 = Hallway Talk
             “Fine, how are you?”
Level 2 = Reporter Talk
             ” Just give me the facts” – This involves only the facts: who, what, when, where
Level 3 = Intellectual Talk
             ” Do you know what I think?” – This goes beyond facts to sharing opinions, interpretations or judgments
                about the matter
Level 4 = Emotional Talk
              ” Let me tell you how I feel” – This is where we share our emotions about things
Level 5 = Loving, Genuine Truth Talk
              ” Let’s be honest” – This is the apex of communication. This level is the platform upon which we can build a 
                 healthy marriage with a high degree of intimacy

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