Testimony: Pete Briscoe

Every once in a while you hear a story that moves you to the core.  After hearing what God has done, you find yourself thinking, “it isn’t hopeless, God still does miracles.”

Well, Jeff and Cheryl’s story certainly fits into this category.  This is a story of grace, and forgiveness, and miracles, and longing, and obedience, and more miracles.

The Scruggs marriage is far from perfect, but that is their message, perfect marriages are a fallacy, but real marriages can be incredible!  I will never forget the day that Cheryl and Jeff shared their story in our church services, it was a “grace high point” for our Body and the Lord used it as a catalyst in scores of hurting marriages.

I gladly recommend Jeff and Cheryl to you and pray the Lord will use them in your church as powerfully as he did in ours.

In His Grip,

Pete Briscoe
Sr. Pastor Bent Tree Bible Fellowship

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